LED Light Treatment

Rejuvenate and heal your skin with LED Light Therapy 

Are you starting to regret all those hours spent outdoors in the sun without wearing proper protection? LED (light-emitting diode) light therapy is the perfect way to treat skin conditions like sun damage, acne, wrinkles, fine lines, rosacea, and more. Our LED Therapy Pod provides much better and quicker results than in-home devices giving your skin the perfect combination to restore and heal itself.

LED light therapy enters the skin’s layers through a non-invasive procedure that promotes rejuvenation and healing of the skin. It incorporates the use of wavelength bands that are able to reach the lower layers of skin in order to treat the targeted areas. The therapy treatment was first utilized by NASA astronauts in the 90’s as a way to assist in healing wounds that would occasionally occur during their missions in space.

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3 LED Pod Sessions


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LED Pod Sessions

We offer two treatments for your convenience:

LED Pod Sessions

(20 minute stand-alone LED Treatment)


These sessions include a serene interval in the LED Pod for 20 minutes. When beginning, we will evaluate your goals for treatment and recommend the appropriate LED wavelength color for the best results. Please come with bare face ready to enjoy 20 minutes of relaxation during your beauty treatment. You will be provided with cleansing towelettes to prepare the skin for the LED treatment and a moisturizer to apply afterwards.

Signature Facial LED Add-on

(20 min treatment after the length of the facial)


An add-on to our Signature Facial where cleansing, light exfoliation and extraction (if needed) are performed, followed by 20 minutes under the LED Pod. Serum, mask and moisturizer are applied to your rejuvenated skin leaving you brighter and younger looking

(doesn’t include the price of Signature Facial)

We also offer packages of LED Pod treatments to help you get the most benefit from this innovative and highly effective procedure. 10-15 sessions are recommended to see visible results and improvements in your complexion.

The Benefits of LED Light Therapy Treatments

  • Non-invasive therapy sessions that promote the natural healing of the skin but at a quicker rate than usual.
  • In-office LED Therapy Pod sessions provide stronger light wavelengths than in-home devices.
  • Acne targeting Blue Light LED Therapy is a proven method that helps reduce acne and improve the look and feel of the skin.
  • Helps promote the reduction of redness and inflammation.


4 Session Series$189
6 Session Series$259
10 Session Series$399 (Just $40 Each!)

Rejuvenate and Heal Your Skin with LED Light Therapy in Nesconset/ Smithtown NY

  • Blue LED Light – this light therapy color is mainly used to treat acne. It accomplishes this by reducing the activity of the oil glands in the skin and can target bacteria that promotes acne while relieving damage to the skin. These bacteria, known as Propionibacterium acnes, cause inflammation but are eliminated by Blue LED light which improves the look and condition of the skin.
  • Red LED Light – this light therapy color is best for rejuvenating the skin and promoting healing by reducing inflammation. This is accomplished by using the Red LED light waves to slightly inflame the targeted area which causes the skin to create an immune response. This reaction leads to an increased regeneration of the skin cells in the affected area and subsequently improves the rate of healing and revitalization. Red LED light is also used to lessen the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines by increasing the collagen proteins in visible skin areas as well as assist with healing after any laser or chemical peel treatments.
What You Can Expect from Each Session

Each session with the LED Pod is 20 minutes. You can call ahead or book your LED face treatment in Nesconset online once you have met with an Esthetician to discuss your skin treatment regimen. This is a do-it-yourself treatment. Please come with a bare face, ready to enjoy 20 minutes of relaxation. You will be provided with cleansing towelettes to prepare your skin for the LED Pod treatment and a soothing moisturizer to end your session. Enjoy a private room, with spa music and a comfortable heated bed where you can relax, meditate or sleep your way into better skin!

How Many Sessions Will I Need?

While every individual’s skin and skin problem is different, most clients start to see results within 2-3 sessions and see visible results within 10-15 sessions.  You can do up to 3 sessions a week with this treatment.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Side effects are not common but occasionally can cause headaches and eye strain in some individuals. It is not recommended to use this treatment method if you suffer from seizures.  

Is There Any Recovery Time After the Treatment?

There is no recovery time required for LED therapy sessions, however, a series of fifteen 20 minute LED Pod sessions are highly recommended in order to achieve the best results.

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